Album review: Drinks – Hippo Lite

Words by Gareth Thompson St Hippolyte Du Fort in southern France lies almost due north of Montpellier. (Hippo Lite… you get it?) Trace a line south-east from there and you’ll land in Aix-en-Provence, where Nick Drake spent some of his happier times, smoking and busking. Drake once recorded with the French chanteuse Françoise Hardy, though … Continue reading Album review: Drinks – Hippo Lite

Album review: Minami Deutsch – With Dim Light

    Words by Dane Harrison With dim light, dawn treading, where one sees only the main elements and movements, shapes of form you follow with intent, but beneath the surface, twirling and turning is the body, pulling the main rotaries. The electric veins dancing on the silhouetted back bone of the dim light. This, … Continue reading Album review: Minami Deutsch – With Dim Light

Faeland Announce Upcoming UK Tour Dates

Faeland are a contemporary DIY folk band from Bristol, UK, with singer Rebecca Nelson and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Jacob Morrison at its songwriting and musical core, they have recently released their debut album 'All My Swim' which blends deep folk tradition with a modern approach to folk music. The album is performed acoustically on guitars, vocals, eclectic percussion (water … Continue reading Faeland Announce Upcoming UK Tour Dates

EP review: Wax Machine – The This

Words by Ava Pearl It's definitely a treat to report on such an interesting group like Brighton-based band, Wax Machine. As of the release of their latest EP, 'The This', there are seven members in the group, though the lineup is flexible. Currently there is Freddie on vocals, sax and synth, Izzi on vocals and flute, … Continue reading EP review: Wax Machine – The This