An interview with Modern Nature’s Jack Cooper

Modern Nature Interview by Lady Godiva MOOF caught up with the prolific Jack Cooper of Modern Nature about his musical journey, literary influences, life under lockdown, and more... Can you name four records that represent the seasons and did any of those inspire you to create Annual? JC: I suppose it's rather literal but I … Continue reading An interview with Modern Nature’s Jack Cooper

Album review: Modern Nature – Annual

Album artwork Words by Alexandra Dominica Following the untimely demise of the colourful country psych band Ultimate Painting, Jack Cooper returns again with Modern Nature, something of a curious but delightful anomaly in the scene whose experimentally abundant sounds reside in both bucolic folk, jazz fusion and indie spaces. Joining Cooper, we have a collaboration … Continue reading Album review: Modern Nature – Annual

Psyched to Meet You: Masaki Batoh

PSYCHED TO MEET YOU: MASAKI BATOH Interview by Gareth Thompson Masaki Batoh grew up in Japan and began playing the guitar aged nineteen. He was a founding member of experimental band Ghost, who often lived a nomadic existence. Batoh’s solo albums are a labyrinth of sound, drawing on classical, folk and psych-rock themes. His recent … Continue reading Psyched to Meet You: Masaki Batoh

Flare Street X MOOF: ‘Come Together’

MOOF Magazine are over the moon to share with you the brand new collection from our favourite Aussie flare and bell-bottom designers, Flare Street. Specially curated by a talented small team of artists and makers, 'Come Together' was shot on London's iconic Brick Lane, featuring classic Flare Street flares and exclusive designs. We are head … Continue reading Flare Street X MOOF: ‘Come Together’

Eclectic Ladyland: Jimi Hendrix’s record collection

Eclectic Ladyland: Jimi Hendrix’s record collection Sean Doherty of Handel & Hendrix runs through a selection of records from Jimi Hendrix's personal collection, from Ravi Shankar to The Red Crayola... Words by Sean Doherty Jimi Hendrix’s music is most often categorised as Psychedelic Rock. It’s true that his use of ground-breaking guitar effects, ambient overdubs … Continue reading Eclectic Ladyland: Jimi Hendrix’s record collection

Album review: Kavus Torabi – Hip To The Jag

  Words by Armin Enayat Close your eyes and step out of the boundaries, get into the dark in a kaleidoscopic world of being, where you float through the black hole of feelings and life experiences on a very deep personal level. Sometimes poetic, sometimes surrealistic, Hip To The Jag — as Kavus Torabi's debut … Continue reading Album review: Kavus Torabi – Hip To The Jag