EP review: Dark Leaves – Forest Flowing

  Words by Grey Malkin Dark Leaves, the autumnal and haunting vehicle for the muse of Penzance's Patrick Aston, has already gifted a singularly effective and enduring debut album 'Grey Stone in the Wood', a spectral and affecting tableaux of woodland folk. Reviewing that release for MOOF Magazine, this listener was reminded of the gentle yet powerful work … Continue reading EP review: Dark Leaves – Forest Flowing

EP Review: Cowboy Suite Deluxe – Riders

Words by Lady Godiva Joe James Boyle lives in London but his mind wanders over 5000 miles away, flying over the scenic landscapes of the wild West. This dreamer's music encompasses the whole cowboy pack: an outlaw mind and a broken heart obsessing over femme fatales, his guitar playing is as loaded as a gun … Continue reading EP Review: Cowboy Suite Deluxe – Riders

Album review: The Eighteenth Day Of May – S/T Retrospective

Words by Alexandra Dominica Today we are living in a time outside of time. Unusual circumstances befall us in the creative community and nothing is as it seems. Still as a result of this anomalous pause in history we have learned a great deal about ourselves and we can see that something new is ready … Continue reading Album review: The Eighteenth Day Of May – S/T Retrospective

Music Video Premiere: Walker Phillips – “Bottles of Glass”

Words by Melanie Xulu MOOF Magazine are delighted to share with you the brand new music video for “Bottles of Glass”, from San-Francisco based psych-folkie Walker Phillips' forthcoming album God's Eye. We have been a fan of Walker's musical creations since we first heard his delightful debut album My Love Sunday in 2018. We hope this … Continue reading Music Video Premiere: Walker Phillips – “Bottles of Glass”

Album review: Oliver Shaw – Of Darker Plains

Words by Lady Godiva The 'last of the English cowboys', as his debut record title stated, is back with a new collection of songs in the same vein: soulful, stripped down, poetic, far from any trend and just retaining the essence of proper rock'n'roll songwriting. The real deal. 'Of Darker Plains' captures the misadventures and … Continue reading Album review: Oliver Shaw – Of Darker Plains

MOOF Magazine’s Lockdown Film Recommendations

Words by Melanie Xulu With a lot of us stuck at home and with more spare time on our hands during these scary and uncertain times, I've compiled a list of films I always seem to find myself returning to, from Walkabout to Withnail & I. Hopefully there are a few things amongst this list … Continue reading MOOF Magazine’s Lockdown Film Recommendations

Band to watch: The Fruitcakes

Words by Melanie Xulu Starting out as a trio in 2011,  Gdansk-based Polish neo-psych outfit The Fruitcakes have since expanded their line up and discography, having released their exceptional third album 'Into The Sun' last month. Made up of Jakub Zwolan on electric guitar, Przemyslaw Bartos on bass, Luki Tymanski on drums and Tomasz Zietek on vocals, the band have a colourful and interesting history; Luki is the oldest son of film … Continue reading Band to watch: The Fruitcakes

Album review: Wax Machine – Earthsong of Silence

Words by Kathleen Savage  In strange and uncertain times, we are reminded that the beauty of spring still continues all around us; Wax Machine’s ‘Earthsong of Silence’ fell to the earth at a time of turbulence and chaos, it serves as a gentle reminder that music and art will keep on breathing and thriving through … Continue reading Album review: Wax Machine – Earthsong of Silence

Album review: Alex Rex – Andromeda

Words by Grey Malkin Alex Rex is the vehicle for the restless muse of Alex Neilson, former Trembling Bells band leader and drummer with Josephine Foster, Jandek, Current 93 and myriad others in the psych folk and experimental spheres. With ‘Andromeda’, his third solo release, Neilson charts what he describes as ‘two years spent in … Continue reading Album review: Alex Rex – Andromeda