Album review: Saphron – Red Amber

Words by Grey Malkin Now here is a curious, and wonderful, discovery. From an era of creative and whimsical psych and acid inflected folk, and of private press albums that now command thousands of pounds for their scratchy yet deeply inventive takes on the musical counterculture, appears a first-time release for an early 70’s sixth … Continue reading Album review: Saphron – Red Amber

Music video premiere: Essential Forever – “Walk”

Al Heaney. Photo by Emma Collins. MOOF Magazine are delighted to premiere the brand new music video for "Walk" by Essential Forever, the creative project of Chicago's Al Heaney, who began the project after crate-digging through bargain bins at record stores and finding essential compilations from artists he wasn't familiar with. He was then inspired to … Continue reading Music video premiere: Essential Forever – “Walk”

Wermod’s Summer Record Rundown

Words by Wermod A rundown of curio pop and audio miscellanea from the Wermod vaults featuring a host of no hit wonders with the greatest of potential and the quirkiest of productions that failed to find an audience the first time around but are primed for rediscovery.  From first commercial releases of 80s pop stars … Continue reading Wermod’s Summer Record Rundown

Album of the week: Axe Music (1969)

Featured image: Axe Would recommend if you're a fan of: Kak, Tea Company, Ant Trip Ceremony, Ford Theatre, Jefferson Airplane Back in 1969, psychedelic music had already been exposed to the masses for a number of years. In fact, many major recording artists of the time that had previously experimented with music in the psychedelic vein, had already moved … Continue reading Album of the week: Axe Music (1969)