Album review: Automatic – Signal

Words by Lady Godiva Automatic hail from the scorching sun of Los Angeles but have no problem portraying the coldness of 1980s Britain. Stepping on this avant-garde three-piece's territory brings instant shivers to the listener from the razor sharp, brooding yet suave atmosphere they create, brimming with sexual tension and cabin fever. Not surprising for … Continue reading Album review: Automatic – Signal

Album review: Modern Nature – How To Live

Words by Lady Godiva Pursuing his musical ventures with familiar companion Will Young (Beak>), Jack Cooper from the former indie rock supergroup Ultimate Painting is back with a more introspective outfit, expanding his canvas with a collection of beguiling sonic tapestries, wrapped in bottomless melancholy. A very fitting autumnal record which insinuates itself into your … Continue reading Album review: Modern Nature – How To Live