Mycelium Song: An interview with Jasmine Blackmoore

Jasmine Blackmoore Interview by Chloé Eathorne Artist Jasmine Blackmoore, self-described as a Caravan dwelling synth goblin in the deep dark badlands of Kernow, studies Marine & Natural History Photography at Falmouth University. Alongside their experimental photography, they produce music inspired by plant sounds under the name Ghost Pipe. Their film ‘Mycelium Song’ received the judge’s … Continue reading Mycelium Song: An interview with Jasmine Blackmoore

The photographer capturing the modern-day Witches of Los Angeles

Photographer Zander Fieschko grew up in Pittsburgh and studied Cinematography and Sociology at Emerson College in Boston before moving to Los Angeles. His most recent and ongoing project seeks to capture the contemporary witchcraft practitioners of LA. About the project Fieschko writes: Here is a project about Witches. As many subjects have freely admitted, this … Continue reading The photographer capturing the modern-day Witches of Los Angeles

the weird and wonderful collages of morgan jesse lappin

Cut and paste collage artist and founder of the Brooklyn Collage Collective, Morgan Jesse Lappin, speaks to MOOF about his artwork and some exciting upcoming projects… MOOF: Why collage? How did you get into collage in the first place? MJL: I started making collage art because it was my way of coming up with designs … Continue reading the weird and wonderful collages of morgan jesse lappin

An interview with Fogbound

Words by Kristin Thomas Rare is it, when I’m driving I hear a song that forces me to pull my car over in order to give it my full attention. “Could it be?”  Is a question I ask myself when a current band is gracing my ears with a psychedelic sound, with anticipation that each … Continue reading An interview with Fogbound

Artist spotlight: Dawn Aquarius

MOOF chats to psychedelic artist, DJ, owner of Cosmik Folly, and far-out flower child, Dawn Aquarius, about her groovy artwork and inspirations... MOOF: How did you get into 60's music, art, etc? Is it something you've always been around? DA: I suppose I grew up in it, by way of my parents. My dad has always … Continue reading Artist spotlight: Dawn Aquarius

inside the hauntological world of mixed media artist ollie clixby

Mixed media artist Ollie Clixby talks folk-horror, shamanism, Devon, and David Lynch...As a practicing 'hauntologist' and revivalist of folk horror, Oliver themes much of his work around 'the past' and the culturally collective specters which haunt our present. He graduated from University of Westminster, with a BA(hons) in Contemporary Media Practice. Originally intent on becoming a film director, he would instead broaden his mediums and utilise them symbiotically, in order to allow for creative independence and a resulting idiosyncratic style.

Artist Spotlight: Grigory Grebennikov

Grigory Grebennikov is a 22-year-old psychedelic poster-artist, based in Leeds. He attended an art school in Sochi, Russia, for a few years, and pursued art at secondary school. However, he got distracted by other things such as sports and music, and went on to study engineering at university. His recent drive for art came to … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Grigory Grebennikov