Band to watch: Melin Melyn

Welsh wizards Melin Melyn have caught our attention with their eye-catching artwork and Gorky's-esque neo-psych and folk sounds. Switching frequently from Welsh to English (sometimes mid-song) their tracks are filled with oddball humour and general charming nonsense... in that effortless Syd Barrett way. Melin Melyn are quickly gaining momentum as a band leading the way … Continue reading Band to watch: Melin Melyn

Band to watch: The Knee Hi’s

The Knee Hi's Words by Alexandra Dominica Only formed recently towards the very end of last year, rubber soul-suited and go-go booted power-pop outfit The Knee Hi’s offer us well needed, wholesome respite of musical simplicity and visual experimental romanticism. The dreamy Chicago-based four-piece have released just one single, ‘Darlin, Darlin’, a track with dark … Continue reading Band to watch: The Knee Hi’s

Band to watch: The Fruitcakes

Words by Melanie Xulu Starting out as a trio in 2011,  Gdansk-based Polish neo-psych outfit The Fruitcakes have since expanded their line up and discography, having released their exceptional third album 'Into The Sun' last month. Made up of Jakub Zwolan on electric guitar, Przemyslaw Bartos on bass, Luki Tymanski on drums and Tomasz Zietek on vocals, the band have a colourful and interesting history; Luki is the oldest son of film … Continue reading Band to watch: The Fruitcakes

Band to watch: Acid Carousel

Words by Amanda Padilha When one listens to enough 1960's garage and psychedelia compilations, it’s easy to point out Texas as the birthplace of some of the greatest acts of the decade; the Golden Dawn, Mouse and the Traps and, of course, the 13th Floor Elevators, just to name a few. So, it wasn’t exactly surprising to find … Continue reading Band to watch: Acid Carousel

Band to watch: The Liquorice Experiment

It's been a while since we've done a 'band to watch' piece, but every now and then a new band comes along that you simply just want everyone to hear and everyone to love! One of those bands we are extremely grateful to have stumbled across are the terrifically groovy Liquorice Experiment. Based in London, this … Continue reading Band to watch: The Liquorice Experiment