Album review: Kyron – Dreaming Eden

Words by Grey Malkin João Branco Kyron, known for his role within the formidable and innovative Beautify Junkyards, also has solo pedigree, having previously released 2022’s alluring ‘Ascending Plume of Faces’, an eerie and psychedelic piece of experimental electronica influenced by the occult artist Austin Osman Spare. Whilst Beautify Junkyards gear up for their fifth album … Continue reading Album review: Kyron – Dreaming Eden

Album review: Belbury Poly – The Gone Away

Album artwork Words by Grey Malkin Ghost Box is a label that has become synonymous with a certain sound and aesthetic; when we think of acts such as The Advisory Circle, Belbury Poly or The Focus Group the tinted, 70’s hued sleeve art of in-house artist Julian House immediately springs to mind, as does an … Continue reading Album review: Belbury Poly – The Gone Away