Album review: Burd Ellen – Says The Never Beyond

Source: album artwork Words by Grey Malkin Burd Ellen, the duo of Gayle Brogan and Debbie Armour, return bearing Yule tidings with their sophomore effort ‘Says The Never Beyond’, a spellbinding collection of wintry folksong that 'occupies the liminal space between sacred and secular, connecting to the deep seasonal traditions of Britain and Ireland'. Similar to … Continue reading Album review: Burd Ellen – Says The Never Beyond

MOOF Magazine’s Lockdown Film Recommendations

Words by Melanie Xulu With a lot of us stuck at home and with more spare time on our hands during these scary and uncertain times, I've compiled a list of films I always seem to find myself returning to, from Walkabout to Withnail & I. Hopefully there are a few things amongst this list … Continue reading MOOF Magazine’s Lockdown Film Recommendations

Haunting Ourselves – A Year In The Country: Straying From The Pathways

Haunting Ourselves - A Year In The Country: Straying From The Pathways Words by Grey Malkin Now almost in its sixth year, the A Year In The Country project (helmed by Stephen Prince) has given birth to numerous hauntological musical excursions on its associated record label, not least on the continuing series of compilation albums that merge … Continue reading Haunting Ourselves – A Year In The Country: Straying From The Pathways

Book review: Brunt Boggart by David Greygoose

Words by Grey Malkin Brunt Boggart, written by Northampton author and poet David Greygoose, is aptly subtitled 'a tapestry of tales', for within the pages can be found numerous dark legends, Arcadian myths, lost fairy tales and stories drenched in folklore, all expertly woven and weft into a larger and ongoing narrative; that of the journey of the protagonist Greychild. … Continue reading Book review: Brunt Boggart by David Greygoose

Grey Malkin’s Acid Folk Overview

Grey Malkin, known for creating spectacularly spooky Wyrd folk via The Hare and The Moon, runs through some of his all-time favourite acid folk records...


"Gentle maidens walking in the garden While they're courted by the knights from the palace of love They are all dressed in white with flowers of palest colour They are all singing songs to the yellow moon above... Come my pretty Oberon trip, trip, trip" 🍄🍄🍄 Two hours of dark and strange medieval style acid-folk … Continue reading A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S HAPPENING

inside the hauntological world of mixed media artist ollie clixby

Mixed media artist Ollie Clixby talks folk-horror, shamanism, Devon, and David Lynch...As a practicing 'hauntologist' and revivalist of folk horror, Oliver themes much of his work around 'the past' and the culturally collective specters which haunt our present. He graduated from University of Westminster, with a BA(hons) in Contemporary Media Practice. Originally intent on becoming a film director, he would instead broaden his mediums and utilise them symbiotically, in order to allow for creative independence and a resulting idiosyncratic style.