MOOF Magazine’s Top 10 Albums of 2018

1. KADHJA BONET Childqueen (Fat Possum Records) Kadhja Bonet’s music tingles your sixth sense and drips honey into the most bruised of ears. Rather an enigma, she claims to have been ‘born in 1784, in the backseat of a sea-foam green space pinto.’ For all that, her debut in 2016, The Visitor, revealed that a new … Continue reading MOOF Magazine’s Top 10 Albums of 2018


Green Seagull Christmas Single Review

Words by Jack Hopkin So you’re preparing your groovy seasonal playlist, and, being the hip scenester you (no doubt) are, you’re enlisting the services of trivialised troubadours, under-appreciated underdogs and misprized minstrels. The chilly chanteuses with their hidden gem recordings, commonly eschewed and neglected in favour of yet more airplay for Wham! and Wizzard.  Steeleye … Continue reading Green Seagull Christmas Single Review

GU-RU ‘Kingdom Within’ Review

Words by Matt Kessler Throughout a prog and psychedelic music fan's voyage along kaleidoscopic dreamscapes, it is always a delight to hear something fresh and engaging while maintaining masterful artistry. GU-RU, a prog-psych band based in the UK brings exactly that to the table with "Kingdom Within". Their third single, the song is a crunchy and … Continue reading GU-RU ‘Kingdom Within’ Review

Album review: Sharron Kraus – Joy’s Reflection Is Sorrow

  Words by Grey Malkin Sharron Kraus should be a name that is familiar to all lovers of psych and modern acid folk. For the last 16 or so years she has tirelessly been releasing classic and timeless wyrd folk both under her own name and with contemporaries and friends such as fellow United Bible … Continue reading Album review: Sharron Kraus – Joy’s Reflection Is Sorrow

MOOF Magazine to Collaborate with The Jam Ringo Experience

MOOF are over the moon to join forces with wonderfully quirky Australian online music talkshow, The Jam Ringo Experience, a monthly music talkshow that aims to promote live music and bands, in a 70’s psychedelic setting and surreal manner (that we love!) Hosted by Jam Ringo, "a groovy and partially wigged out individual", The Jam Ringo … Continue reading MOOF Magazine to Collaborate with The Jam Ringo Experience

EP review: Wax Machine – The This

Words by Ava Pearl It's definitely a treat to report on such an interesting group like Brighton-based band, Wax Machine. As of the release of their latest EP, 'The This', there are seven members in the group, though the lineup is flexible. Currently there is Freddie on vocals, sax and synth, Izzi on vocals and flute, … Continue reading EP review: Wax Machine – The This

Album review: Love Machine – Times To Come

Words by Dane Harrison Love Machine are on a mission to spread the word of LOVE to the world and beyond on their sun-soaked procession of peace. ‘Times to come’ the third record from the eternal groovers, released earlier this month on Unique Records, is an airy, gently paced swinger leading you from the sunken-kraut-rock … Continue reading Album review: Love Machine – Times To Come

Album Review: Green Seagull – Scarlet Fever

Source: album artwork by Sara Gossett Words by Gareth Thompson Sitar chords, colour therapy, a grieving lover and a most unusual comma. “Paint It, Black” has spawned many theories and appraisals since its 1966 release. Now adding to the pile comes Green Seagull, a new London act with a fine flair for psych songs. Their … Continue reading Album Review: Green Seagull – Scarlet Fever

Band to watch: Acid Carousel

Words by Amanda Padilha When one listens to enough 1960's garage and psychedelia compilations, it’s easy to point out Texas as the birthplace of some of the greatest acts of the decade; the Golden Dawn, Mouse and the Traps and, of course, the 13th Floor Elevators, just to name a few. So, it wasn’t exactly surprising to find … Continue reading Band to watch: Acid Carousel


A very big thank you to the wonderful Crystal Jacqueline and Icarus Peel for coming on the MOOF radio show on Monday and playing an absolutely magical set of songs - listen to it here: Tracklisting: wings of love - nirvana fire by the river - harumi crystal jacqueline set of 9 songs mini splurge/ mr. jones/is that good, … Continue reading CRYSTAL JACQUELINE ON THE MOOF RADIO SHOW