Album review: Girl Skin – Shade is on the Other Side

Album artwork Words by Lady Godiva Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Sid Simons drew attention to his promising songwriting abilities in his other band Beechwood whilst subsequently releasing his first EP Lovemore in 2018. Fronting the six piece- evocatively named Girl Skin- 2020 marks the year of his first full length release Shade Is On … Continue reading Album review: Girl Skin – Shade is on the Other Side

Wermod’s Summer Record Rundown

Words by Wermod A rundown of curio pop and audio miscellanea from the Wermod vaults featuring a host of no hit wonders with the greatest of potential and the quirkiest of productions that failed to find an audience the first time around but are primed for rediscovery.  From first commercial releases of 80s pop stars … Continue reading Wermod’s Summer Record Rundown

EP Review: Cowboy Suite Deluxe – Riders

Words by Lady Godiva Joe James Boyle lives in London but his mind wanders over 5000 miles away, flying over the scenic landscapes of the wild West. This dreamer's music encompasses the whole cowboy pack: an outlaw mind and a broken heart obsessing over femme fatales, his guitar playing is as loaded as a gun … Continue reading EP Review: Cowboy Suite Deluxe – Riders

Album review: Lake Ruth – Birds of America

Words by Gareth Thompson Lake Ruth aren’t the first band to evoke those neon nights when our need for affection, or connection, grips deepest. But this New York act, formed in 2015 by Hewson Chen, lends its own twist to rock’s long and heartsore history. Key to their sound is vocalist Allison Brice, whose giddy … Continue reading Album review: Lake Ruth – Birds of America