An interview with Kvasar

MOOF Magazine chat to Swedish jazz/prog/psych five-piece Kvasar, ahead of their London gig at Helgi's bar (Hackney) this Thursday. MOOF: Are you excited to play London?  Kvasar: Yes! Many of our biggest inspirations are from England, and started their career in London. So in a sense it’s like coming home, walking our own path but … Continue reading An interview with Kvasar


A very big thank you to the wonderful people of Magic Bus for coming on the MOOF radio show and playing an absolutely magical set! If you missed it live you can listen to the show on our Mixcloud here TRACKLISTING; Peak Impressions and Thoughts - The Freeborne  Tinkerbell's Mind - The Glitterhouse I'm Not Like Everybody … Continue reading MAGIC BUS ON THE MOOF RADIO SHOW

Album of the week: Axe Music (1969)

Featured image: Axe Would recommend if you're a fan of: Kak, Tea Company, Ant Trip Ceremony, Ford Theatre, Jefferson Airplane Back in 1969, psychedelic music had already been exposed to the masses for a number of years. In fact, many major recording artists of the time that had previously experimented with music in the psychedelic vein, had already moved … Continue reading Album of the week: Axe Music (1969)