Green Seagull Christmas Single Review

Words by Jack Hopkin So you’re preparing your groovy seasonal playlist, and, being the hip scenester you (no doubt) are, you’re enlisting the services of trivialised troubadours, under-appreciated underdogs and misprized minstrels. The chilly chanteuses with their hidden gem recordings, commonly eschewed and neglected in favour of yet more airplay for Wham! and Wizzard.  Steeleye … Continue reading Green Seagull Christmas Single Review

Album Review: Green Seagull – Scarlet Fever

Source: album artwork by Sara Gossett Words by Gareth Thompson Sitar chords, colour therapy, a grieving lover and a most unusual comma. “Paint It, Black” has spawned many theories and appraisals since its 1966 release. Now adding to the pile comes Green Seagull, a new London act with a fine flair for psych songs. Their … Continue reading Album Review: Green Seagull – Scarlet Fever

2017 End Of Year Review

2017 was a rather big year, wasn't it? The gathering of tribes which allowed for the creation and longevity of MOOF is something that arguably could only have been made possible in this epochal year. As we stagger out of the all-night party of the past twelve months and jump onto the buoyant lily pad … Continue reading 2017 End Of Year Review

Green Seagull – (I Used To Dream In) Black And White

Words by Jack Hopkin I discovered pretty soon after I first laid ears on Green Seagull's new single that I, too, used to dream in black and white. Little did I realise that when my resident stork landed this lysergic faberge egg of a single on my lap that I'd fall so head over heels … Continue reading Green Seagull – (I Used To Dream In) Black And White