Album review: Burnt Paw – Levitation Songs

Words by Grey Malkin Burnt Paw (Birmingham native and Edinburgh resident Andy Green) has quietly but consistently been releasing a series of beautiful EPS and albums filled with adventurous and dexterous acoustic guitar work, and with songs replete with psychedelic, visionary lyrics and tales, since 2016’s illuminating ‘The Sparrow’s Scrapbook’. Later long players, such as … Continue reading Album review: Burnt Paw – Levitation Songs

Book review: The Delaware Road

Words by Grey Malkin ‘The Delaware Road’ first sparked into existence in 2006, when music producer & audio researcher Alan Gubby (Revbjelde/Buried Treasure) became aware of a box of recordings, made by the illustrious BBC Radiophonic Workshop’s John Baker, that was at serious risk of being discarded and lost forever. Meeting with Baker’s brother, and … Continue reading Book review: The Delaware Road

Album review: Meg Baird – Furling

Words by Gareth Thompson On her first solo album since 2015’s Don’t Weigh Down The Light, Meg Baird delivers a spiritual and musical watershed. Furling is the sound of someone who has gained serene knowledge, aware of their deepest feelings and thoughts. Baird’s hymns to mysticism have often danced on the fringes of understanding and … Continue reading Album review: Meg Baird – Furling

Album review: Juni Habel – Carvings

Words by Gareth Thompson There’s a former school house just outside Rakkestad in rural southern Norway. With its front porch, climbing plants and ochre boarding it looks most welcoming. The songwriter Juni Habel now lives here and it’s where she recorded her second album, Carvings, in a bedroom, an old classroom and in the hallway. … Continue reading Album review: Juni Habel – Carvings

EP Review: Anona – S/T

Words by Lady Godiva Brighton, breeding ground for all kinds of artists, holds some of the crown jewels and best kept secrets of British music. Many of its bands share members with one another as a close knit group of friends, which forms a very interesting jigsaw with everyone's unique touch making a serpentine line … Continue reading EP Review: Anona – S/T

EP Review: Mandrake Handshake – The Triple Point of Water

Words by Alexandra Dominica With a name to conjure with and sounds to move and shake to, ‘Triple Point of Water’ is a poignant and turbo charged voyage through the psychedelic rapids. Taken from a Brian Jonestown Massacre track title of the same name, Mandrake Handshake are the only root you’ll need in your witch’s … Continue reading EP Review: Mandrake Handshake – The Triple Point of Water

Album review: Upupayāma – The Golden Pond

Words by Lady Godiva Stemming from Alessio Ferrari’s vivid imagination and bucolic surroundings, The Golden Pond is Upupayama’s new release following his promising self-titled debut from last year. As the artwork may manifest, Upupayāma (literally mountain hoopoe), a semi-fictional bird, still flies over the most outstanding and lush greenery. A mere glance at the sleeve … Continue reading Album review: Upupayāma – The Golden Pond

Album review – The Leaf Library – Library Music: Volume One

Words by Grey Malkin Library Music: Volume One is a welcome compilation from North London’s The Leaf Library, gathering together fourteen years’ worth of singles, compilation tracks and one offs, essentially giving these tracks a permanent, proper home and allowing listeners to delve into a stylistically more varied and deeply fascinating ‘other’ side of the band. Songs that … Continue reading Album review – The Leaf Library – Library Music: Volume One

Album review: Hooveriii – A Round of Applause

Words by Lady Godiva Carrying on their epic astral trail, Hooveriii are back in force with their third album A Round of Applause, reaching a new milestone on their sound quest.  Their music is like a colossal spaceship that flies across the solar system and their trajectory is literally interstellar. "See" greets you into familiar … Continue reading Album review: Hooveriii – A Round of Applause

Album review: Adam Geoffrey Cole – The Tracks of the Afterlander

Words by Rhys Jones Under the guise of Trappist Afterland, Adam G Cole has carved out an uncompromising and often exciting back catalogue of acidic spiritual folk that weaves Eastern time signatures, ethereal drones and meditative audio journeys, which resulted in 2020’s Seaside Ghost Tales. The double album culminated in a series of songs that … Continue reading Album review: Adam Geoffrey Cole – The Tracks of the Afterlander