Santa Claus the Magic Mushroom & the Psychedelic Origins of Christmas

It's that time of year again! People won't stop banging on about the John Lewis Christmas advert, 'late night shopping' is doing your head in, and you've probably eaten your body weight in mince pies and chocolate selection boxes... Whilst many of us celebrate this strange tradition, it turns out, it's probably a little stranger than we … Continue reading Santa Claus the Magic Mushroom & the Psychedelic Origins of Christmas

Grey Malkin’s Acid Folk Overview

Grey Malkin, known for creating spectacularly spooky Wyrd folk via The Hare and The Moon, runs through some of his all-time favourite acid folk records...

inside the hauntological world of mixed media artist ollie clixby

Mixed media artist Ollie Clixby talks folk-horror, shamanism, Devon, and David Lynch...As a practicing 'hauntologist' and revivalist of folk horror, Oliver themes much of his work around 'the past' and the culturally collective specters which haunt our present. He graduated from University of Westminster, with a BA(hons) in Contemporary Media Practice. Originally intent on becoming a film director, he would instead broaden his mediums and utilise them symbiotically, in order to allow for creative independence and a resulting idiosyncratic style.