The photographer capturing the modern-day Witches of Los Angeles

Photographer Zander Fieschko grew up in Pittsburgh and studied Cinematography and Sociology at Emerson College in Boston before moving to Los Angeles. His most recent and ongoing project seeks to capture the contemporary witchcraft practitioners of LA.

About the project Fieschko writes:

Here is a project about Witches. As many subjects have freely admitted, this is a practice difficult to put into words. The magic sought by contemporary casters is a feeling, an intuition, a study of the subconscious. It shifts away from the masculine “nuts and bolts” method of exploration. I therefore chose photography as the medium to attempt this document. Photography is too narrow a band of expression for something as vast as the rise of contemporary Witchcraft, but the boundaries and rules will serve as a concrete form that can be shared and expanded upon by others. This project is limited in its focus and execution in order to avoid becoming a definitive volume on the subject. I cannot and will not be the voice of the movement, but I can use photography to appreciate it and amplify the true voices… Seeking an alternative to conservative organized religion and big pharma’s push to overmedicate, many of these revolutionaries now identify as a Witch. They see the flaws in late stage capitalism and look to the past (often the ancient or primordial) to conjure a healthier, matriarchal society. The beauty of the movement is in exploration; there is no straight path forward and no exact correct way. It’s very individualistic. A few of my subjects have attempted a written exploration of their practices, some for the first time. Others are still questing for the correct wording, or have politely declined. This underlines the importance of photography as the correct medium for the document.

Julia Moquin

Julia Moquin: “As long as I can remember I’ve always tried to make sense of the omens and premonitions that crossed my path – feeling like I was stuck living between the realms of logic and magick. Growing up, commercial fishing was the first step in merging these worlds – using fisherman’s almanacs to chart the tides by the moon showed me the balance of these practices that can be found. Being a sun in Gemini with an Aquarius moon I’ve developed many branches of the mystic’s tool belt to help ground me and keep me in tune with the rhythms of life. As I grow older utilizing art to speak of these truths has been the ultimate cathartic tool. I hope you can feel the freedom and joy the process gives space to – allowing an inclusive space for others to join. Beyond realms and gender.”

Regina Avshalumova

Regina Avshalumova: “My ‘magical’ practice includes a daily spiritual practice of connecting with G-d through a series of meditations, prayers and teachings from the ancient Jewish and Kabbalistic texts, as well as healing people intuitively. The healing path is something that I do not have words to describe. The best way to explain is that through this connection with the divine I facilitate a healing where the individual’s maladies (spiritual, emotional, physical) get removed. I turned to the path because ever since I was a child I looked for what’s beyond this material world. When I am connected to G-d and in flow, I find that I am living in a high frequency reality where ‘magical’ i.e. serendipitous or divine guided occasions happen all the time.”

Hamsa Durant

Hamsa Durant: “Since I was a child, I was always attracted to magic, drawn to crystals, to fairytales, and adventures. My biggest practice of Magic is keeping that belief in Magic alive in my adulthood. And since I have [my daughter], I think mothering her is probably my most intense Magic practice. How does it affect my day to day life? I think on a day to day level maintaining an open heart to the Magic allows for more laughter, joy, and flexibility to be open to what life has to offer.”

Victoria Greenwood

Victoria Greenwood: “I had a grandmother who I wasn’t close with, who was an energy worker ironically enough. She had my birth chart made when I was born. Which sort of made my perspective to that world already accepting. I grew up a Buddhist, chanting and meditating as well. So when it came to my own self, I always felt the pull and tug into deepening that connection with my own magic. I knew my dreams also had meaning and that nature played such an important part of my connection to others as well as my ties to my ancestral spirit. My witch-hood has been something I’ve cultivated, grew into, as I grew confident within myself, my connection with nature, and my ability to create my own reality.”

Check out more of Zander’s work and keep up to date with the project here:

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