Moog Unveil Multi-Sensory Sound Studio Kit

I’m sure Moog need no introduction to readers of MOOF. Developed by analogue synth pioneer Dr. Bob Moog in the early 1960s, Moog have been at the forefront of electronic music for decades. Last month the company unveiled the Moog Sound Studio, a brand new synthesizer experience from Moog Music which includes all the tools and creative inspiration you need to embark on an immersive sonic adventure. The kit is perfect for beginners and experienced synthesists alike, introducing a uniquely comprehensive approach to exploring modular synthesis.

The Moog Sound Studio kit is available in two varieties: both include a DFAM percussion synthesizer, and this can be paired either with a Mother-32 or Moog Subharmonicon. Each kit contains an audio mixer and power distribution hub, a two-tier rack mount kit, patch cables and a patch cable organiser and a patch cable organiser. All you need is headphones!

Moog state that the kit is designed to stimulate a multi-sensory experience. From the instruments’ classic analogue tones and textures to the look and feel of designing a new patch, the creative process is just as much about the physical environment as it is about the tools at hand.

Moog Sound Studio: two complete kits

Moog have always had a strong focus on creativity and artist collaboration. As part of the Sound Studio Kit illustrators Jim Stoten (Mother-32 & DFAM) and Philip Lindeman (Subharmonicon & DFAM) have designed custom artwork in the form of characters, posters, and other interactive objects that accompany each instrument setup. The kit also includes experimental patch sheets, exploration games, and guided exercises.

And it doesn’t stop there! Moog have released a compilation EP alongside the kit, Explorations in Analog Synthesis, which features seven tracks by artists from Bonobo to Madame Gandhi. The EP is an experimental journey from start-to-finish, tinged with elements of psychedelia, synth-pop and electronica which demonstrates the infinite sonic possibilities of both Moog Sound Studio synthesizer combinations. Explorations in Analog Synthesis is available to stream for free on Moog’s SoundCloud.

A truly beautiful kit guaranteed to inspire creativity and experimentation for all. If you are as excited as we are about the Moog Sound Studio learn more and find an authorised Moog dealer here.

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