Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Step into a magical land of Victoriana, mythical animals, and fairgrounds & circuses with this magnificent mix, full of British popsike gems…Featuring artists such as, The Kinks, The Move, and Pink Floyd, to Geranium Pond, Kaleidoscope, Boeing Duveen & The Beautiful Soup , The World of Oz, The Idle Race, The Orange Bicycle, Kippington Lodge, and much much more✨
Curated by Roberto Pastore – you can check out Roberto’s article all about the Toytown genre in the latest issue of MOOF (available to pre-order now)

Mark Wirtz – Excerpt From A Teenage Opera ( Grocer Jack)
The Kinks – Village green
The Idle Race – I like my Toys
Geranium Pond – Dogs In baskets
Tomorrow – Aunty Mary’s Dress Shop
Turquoise – Tales of Flossie Fillet
Kaleidoscope – Mr. Small The Watch Repairer Man
Clover – Ice Cream Man
Pete Dello & Friends – Harry The Earwig
Peter & The Wolves – Little Girl Lost and Found
Susie Klee – Punch and Judy Girl
The Move – Here We Go Round The Lemon Tree
The World of Oz – Muffin Man
The Hollies – Ye Olde Toffee Shoppe
Broken Toys – Broken Toys
Gilbert O’Sullivan – Mr. Moody’s Garden (1969 version)
Roger Earl Okin – I Can’t Face The Animals
Peter Lee Stirling – Goodbye Thimblemill Lane
Lemon Tree – William Chalker’s Time Machine
Acid Gallery – Dance Round The Maypole
The Orange Bicycle – Trip On An Orange Bicycle
Kippington Lodge – Shy Boy
Timon – The Biter Thoughts of Little Jane
Mike Batt – Mary Goes Round
Tim Andrews – Sad Simon Lives Again
Boeing Duveen & The Beautiful Soup – Jabberwock
Pink Floyd – Bike

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