“Nocturnal sounds and shapes for moonbathers everywhere. Push aside the moth-eaten bookshelf to reveal a hidden door leading to Ramesses’ tomb of opulence and seclusion. Listen softly and in dim light to squadrons of mind-blowers, poets and minstrels, celestial lullabies or perhaps and aphrodisiac for wakefulness – after all, in Moonlight ride it’s up to none other than yourself what shores you wash upon come morning…”

A mix curated by Jack Hopkin for MOOF

Road to Cairo – Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity
Tonight at Noon – Adrian Henri & Andy Roberts
You Get Brighter – Incredible String Band
You’ve Got To Hang On – the Deviants
Three Kingfishers – Gabor Szabo
Mat Troi Den (Black Sun) – Minh Xuan & Phuong Hoang
For You, Everyhting’s Gonna Be Alright – Liverpool Scene
Buffalo Billycan – The Apple
Dwarf in a Tree – Duncan Browne
Hurrian Hymn No.6 – Michael Levy
Taurus – Zodiac (Cosmic sounds)
Lady Godiva’s Operation – Velvet Underground
The River – John Martyn
Master Song – Leonard Cohen
Roads Go Ever On – J.R.R. Tolkien
Inner Mystique – Chocolate Watchband
I’m Going In a Field – Ivor Cutler
Beautiful Linda – John Fahey
The Fox Has Gone To Ground – Bamboo Shoots
I Can Take You To The Sun – The Misunderstood 

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