“Gentle maidens walking in the garden
While they’re courted by the knights from the palace of love
They are all dressed in white with flowers of palest colour
They are all singing songs to the yellow moon above…
Come my pretty Oberon trip, trip, trip”
Two hours of dark and strange medieval style acid-folk from the 1960’s/1970’s; think otherworldly Pre-Raphaelite scenes depicting Arthurian myths & legends, courtly love,and medieval laments, viewed through a kaleidoscopic lens or Victorian ‘magic lantern’…

Curated by Melanie Xulu for MOOF
Tracklist in comments
Featured image : Julia Margaret Cameron, ‘The Rosebud Garden of Girls’, 1868

Midwinter – Sanctuary Stone
Veronique Chalot – L’empoisonneuse
Trees – Epitaph
Stone Angel – Black Dog
John Renbourn – Morgana
Steeleye Span – When I was On Horseback
Dave & Toni Arthur – The Fairy child
Pentangle – The Trees They Do Grow high
Yellow Autumn – Wooden Table Fable
Sandstone – What If You Could Love The Flute Player
Mellow Candle – The Virgin Prophet
Midwinter – Oak Tree Grove
Forest – Graveyard
The Sallyangie – Midsummer Night’s Happening
Pearls Before Swine – Ballad To An Amber Lady
Magnet – Lullaby
Shide & Acorn – Elanor’s Song (under the tree)
Michael Raven & Joan Mills – The Queen Of The Night
Sourdeline – Princessa De Rien
Oberon – Nottanum Town
Incredible String Band – Witches Hat
Spirogyra – Burn The Bridges
Bread, Love & Dreams – Mirrors
Donovan – Guinevere
Gheorghe Zamfir – Doina Sus Pe Culmea Dealului (Theme from Picnic at Hanging Rock)


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