An interview with Fogbound

Words by Kristin Thomas

Source: Fogbound, photo by Ceci Periwhat 

Rare is it, when I’m driving I hear a song that forces me to pull my car over in order to give it my full attention. “Could it be?”  Is a question I ask myself when a current band is gracing my ears with a psychedelic sound, with anticipation that each song is as melodically satisfying as the previous one. That’s what happened when I was introduced to Fogbound with their song “Whispering Corridors”.  I played it twice as I was on the side of the road, and eagerly pressed play on their next track,”Whimsical girl”.  It had me feeling as though I was caught in a moving kaleidoscope of euphoric melodies, a song representing a collage of vibrantly prismatic daydreams. Not only do Fogbound distribute consistency throughout their entire album, they also have a way of  resurrecting an ever-dormant hope that a band from today can restore a sense of what it felt like to hear even some of my most listened to albums from the 1960’s for the first time.

Fogbound come from A Coruña, a historic port city in the northwestern region of Galicia, Spain. They are signed with The John Colby Sect,  an independent record label in Madrid, which focuses on psychedelic and garage pop music, with a large inspiration from the sixties. Members of Fogbound include Fabio on lead vox and guitar, Fernando on hammond, Borja on bass, and Pibli of drums and backing vox.

The past, the present, and the future of Fogbound

Interview by Kristin Thomas

Source: Fogbound, photo by Laphille
MOOF: When did Fogbound become a band, and what inspired you guys to start playing music together?

Fab: We’ve been playing together for about four years, we started off with covers of American and U.K. psych classics, it was the love for this kind of stuff that brought us together.

MOOF: Are there any covers you still play during a show?

Fab: We still play “Strange House” from time to time. In fact, we’ve got a single featuring a cover of the Attack’s classic.

Borja: We also play “Man In The Moon” by Village. We used to play “Dawn Brakes Through” by Barrier, I really enjoyed it when we played that song.

MOOF: How do you feel your music has evolved since you started out as a band?

Fab: I think we’re getting more and more settled into the psychedelic scene. And we still have a lot to say yet, in terms of music.

MOOF: How do you grow your fanbase outside of Europe? Has the internet played a vital role in this?

Fab: Definitely… Social networking has played a vital role for us. It’s a gift, we’ve gotten a lot of gigs and interviews thanks to that.

Borja: Thanks to social media and the distribution from our label, we are able to get to most of the European continent. The internet was absolutely necessary to get to other countries from our little city,

MOOF: Where do you get your songwriting inspiration? Is there anything you enjoy doing outside of music that ends up contributing to it?

Fab: Basically my own life, mixed with cult films and other freaky stuff.

Borja: From cinema and literature, we also expand our minds occasionally with alternative methods that helps our creativity related to music.

Fernando: I enjoy working on music videos in my spare time, and I’m currently working on a new video for Fogbound.

Source: Fogbound, photo by Ceci Periwhat 
MOOF: What projects are you currently working on? Is there a different direction you want to go in?

Fab: At the moment we’re rehearsing songs for the second LP, this could be an changing point for us…

MOOF: Where has been your favorite to place to play? Are there any events coming up you’re looking forward to be apart of?

Fab: Sala Upload in Barcelona is a big favorite… we’re looking forward to playing outside Spain in Europe…but it’s still a secret!

Borja: Barcelona Psych Fest was with any doubt the one that I’ve enjoyed the most. We are excited to go back and play at Madrid as part of the Mod Generation Club.

Fernando: It was great to be part of the Barcelona Psych Fest, there was an incredible vibe in the audience.

MOOF: You’re yet to tour the United States, do you plan to? What part would you love to tour the most and why?

Fab: Yes, it’s one of our goals. We assume that the West Coast is the most receptive to our music and of course Austin, Texas.

Borja: We have had some people approaching us for it but there’s nothing serious yet. It would be awesome to be part of the Levitation in Austin Tx.

Fernando: Austin would be one of my favorite festivals to be part of, as well as touring the west coast

MOOF: You’ve mentioned before your main musical influences are the Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Attack, etc. What are some current bands you enjoy?

Fab: Nothings changed! Current bands I like are Temples, Foxygen, and I love The Lemon Twigs.

Borja: Basic influences are still the same. Currently there are many up and coming interesting bands/musicians, like Jacco Gardner.

MOOF: What record was played on your turntable last?

Fab: ‘Ta Det Lugnt‘ by Dungen

Borja: Our label partners Bifannah and their album ‘Maresia

Fernando: My last record played was ‘Tangerine Dream‘ by Rubycon

MOOF: How do you feel your music differs from other bands who might be considered the same genre as Fogbound?

Fab: Psychedelia has embarked on its second youth thanks to bands such as Tame Impala, Ty Segall, Temples… but I feel we have a more pronounced sixties essence

Borja: In the past few years there’s been a lot of bands emerging within the psychedelic music genre, but we don’t really sound similar to them or their style, we remain really close to the 60’s vibe.

MOOF: What do you enjoy/appreciate most about being apart of The John Colby Sect label? How do you feel they differ from other labels?

Fab: We are a happy family/a happy sect? With that starting point they can’t be compared with any other label. We are friends and we work together – it’s a different way of thinking.

You can listen to Fogbound here:

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