EP Review: Flare Voyant – ‘Flare Voyant’

source: album artwork

Words by Ava Pearl

If you were to ask me what EP of 2017 I believed had the most firepower, I would have to say, without a doubt, Flare Voyant’s self-titled release. This EP has everything a groovy rock n’ roller could ask for, from politics to love, and most importantly, major sex appeal! Even from just a small listen to the record, it’s apparent how much hard work has been put into creating the EP from all of the members; Thomas Baignères: (Vocals), Rod Bourganos: (electric guitar, clarinet, wurlitzer, backing vocals), George Hudson: (bass, lap steel guitar, backing vocals) and Lucas Roxo: (drums). With each song, you can’t help but wanna put on your dancing shoes and groove out to this psych-influenced guitar sound.

The first track on ‘Flare Voyant‘ is “Borders”, and boy does this song kick ass! When the tune first starts playing one could assume it’s a playful funkadelic jam, but as you listen closely to the song you realize it is so much more than just that…The track addresses the issue of immigration in today’s society and discusses the corrupt systems of power that sets into place the borders which separate us. This song, in my opinion, has Roger Waters written all over it, for its political basis and its ability to sound groovy as hell while making an important statement. The vocal performance on the track is absolutely electrifying and the fabulous percussion on the piece makes the track all the more intriguing, it’s definitely a stand out song on the EP.

Flare Voyant

Now, what is to be said about the second song off the EP.,”So Contextual”? The first thought to my mind was how it sounds as if it should be right off of an album by The Doors. Not even in just the way the piece is composed, but the overall energy of the song. It’s the type of track that makes you wanna get up and run to your local whiskey a gogo. The first few moments of the song are reminiscent of a love song from the mid-60’s, then at about 23 seconds in is where the fun really kicks in. The song takes a very modern rock ‘n’ roll turn on what we expect it to be, talking about a woman who is “casual, sexual, intellectual.” and how they get lost in the “context” of the moment. A very fun and interesting song that needs to be played at least once at every party.

I think my favorite track on the whole EP would have to be “Ephemeral Romance.” This song just screams S.E.X. Honestly, I feel like I can hear Mick Jagger or Jim Morrison singing this exact song. It sounds like it’s come right out of 1974 and gives me nostalgic feelings of listening to “Fame” by David Bowie or even more so, “Whole lotta Love” by Led Zepplin. And although Mick, Jim, or David did not sing this song, it’s most likely for the best, because Flair Voyant absolutely kill it. Thomas Baignères vocals are stupendous, the song sounds like it could be on an album straight out of the 70’s, while also sounding modern, new and refreshing.

The final track on the EP is “Empty Soul.” I’d have to say this song is the perfect note to leave the listener on. It’s the slowest song on the E.P and definitely makes you want to roll up a joint and float downstream. It has a beautiful mixture of rough vocals in contrast to the soft psychedelic funk sound of the instruments. The lyrics are intriguing and the groove is outstanding, definitely worth the listen.

Overall this E.P is an amazing launching point for a very promising group. ‘Flare Voyant‘ was exquisitely mixed by George Murphy and produced by the legendary Chris Kimsey (who co-produced The Rolling Stones’ ‘Undercover‘ and ‘Steel Wheels‘ albums.) With a heavy vibe of 70’s funk mixed with 60’s psychedelia, what more could you ask for? It is apparent their influences for this E.P were artists along the lines of Led Zepplin, Rolling Stones, and Humble Pie. I personally have become a massive fan of this group and cannot wait to see what they do next!

Listen to the EP here

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