A very big thank you to the wonderful Crystal Jacqueline and Icarus Peel for coming on the MOOF radio show on Monday and playing an absolutely magical set of songs – listen to it here:

wings of love – nirvana
fire by the river – harumi
crystal jacqueline set of 9 songs
mini splurge/ mr. jones/is that good, that’s nice – justine
mrs. mcpherson of gibton – We Come From Mars
song for sundog – Trappist Afterland
sorceress – Beautify Junkyards
remember the time – Green Seagull
black blind light – moonstone
the magic carpet – pat kilroy
today is almost here – rex holman
lovely people – the fairytale
windy – the association
mrs. bluebird – eternity’s children
magician in the mountain – sunforest
lazy farmer – wizz jones
o gymru – eleri llwyd


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