Album review: Lucille Furs – Another Land

Album artwork

Words by Lady Godiva

Ladies and gentlemen, take a break from this planet of perpetual sorrow and these sour times of regression to embark on a kaleidoscopic journey in sound. Your spaceship has been endowed with an effective time machine but you will hear new pieces of music to refresh your mind.

Our trip will last approximately thirty-six minutes, however, as we are aware of compulsive symptoms induced by forthcoming prismatic rotations, you are entitled to unlimited travel by merely dropping the needle on wax. Our itinerary consists of thirteen stops, your recommended daily intake of paisley laced melodies and ambrosial vocals.

Each step towards our final destination is visually profuse and highly picturesque. You may repeat each track as if looking through a magnifying glass where one will find fragments of sixties iconic gems, from The Kinks ‘Face to Face’ to The Zombies ‘Odessey & Oracle’. This vessel propels us to the swinging times of yesteryear, to a technicolor dream made of tunes as sharp, meticulously crafted and acutely textured as the bespoke suits of Savile Row.

Lucille Furs

For your information, this peregrination is provided by a quintet hailing from Chicago, which may boggle the mind. How do Lucille Furs manage to sound as dandy as Ray Davies and company? They have captured the quintessence of psychedelic pop, much to your passenger’s delight. Their recipe somehow rests inside the lyrics to The Zombies’ ‘Hung Up On A Dream’.

“A sweet vibration seemed to fill the air… they spoke with soft persuading words about a living creed of gentle love and turned me on to sounds and showed me strangest clouded sights above.”

‘Another Land’, the aptly-named opener and record title sets the tone for instant escapism in dapper layers of swirling sounds. With this sophomore effort, they reiterate a well-rounded formula and succeed at kicking it up a notch, making it most plentiful. ‘Paint Euphrosyne Blue’ can dazzle your eyes and brain with its exhilarating groove, it is a momentous pinnacle on this album, which hits all pleasure buttons. The vocals are a constant conductor and it is worth paying attention to the lyrics as they add a cloak-and-dagger meaning to these slick baroque tales.

This collection of songs is to be played on repeat and at maximum volume for an optimal change of scenery. We hope this journey gives you peace and your mind is blown.

 Lucille Furs are the 21st century paisley pop preservation society.

‘Another Land’ will be released on Requiem on March the 15th. Pre order the album here.

Connect with Lucille Furs here:

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