Album review: Bee Appleseed – Starflower’s Cosmic Soul

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Words by Armin Enayat

In the middle of nowhere, some place beyond the veil of consciousness where life and death fuse together, Starflower’s Cosmic Soul gives birth to a baby reborn out of a chaos. Described as psych-folk rock ‘n’ roll fulfilled with soulful ambience and dressed with the cool swagger of retro pop, Bee Appleseed‘s sophomore album runs deep in his impetus experience crashing on the couch of a native-American shaman, which dramatically changed the course of his life forever; a baptism of soul to wash away the hardship of homelessness and the dirt of the city

Released on Baby Robot Records in February 2020, the album is the result of all Appleseed’s efforts and life experiences including his previous musical works, struggling with homelessness and managing self-organized concerts. Sometimes on foot hitchhiking and carrying instruments, luggage, merchandise and a drum kit at the same time, Appleseed started touring in more than 50 countries in Europe and South America with his childhood comrade joining him in the middle of his journey. Originally from Portland and based out of Los Angeles, Appleseed spreads the message of peace and love through his music being one of the main reasons of his own survival.

Passing through the darkness in search of the light, “The Lingering On” starts with a pulse getting into a whirlwind of dreamy process in search of the cosmic soul. The psychedelic atmosphere created by the chaotic mix of sounds as in synth, guitar, drums and vocals fade away and a new soul comes to life through the intro melody backed by the piano. Followed by Appleseed’s unrestrained vocal style and lyricism, the album offers a great sense of emancipation. Its set-to-no-limit song writing approach offers a variety of influences such as jazz, country, and disco music. An array of instruments like saxophone and harmonica along with a backing band comprised of more than 15 members add a special characteristic to the album making it more powerful and impressive.

Appleseed finds self love the secret gateway by saying the words, ‘you got to love yourself before you give out your love’ in “Soft Reflection”; “That Cosmic Feeling” to awaken your spirit and “Celebrate Your Body”. Starflower’s Cosmic Soul is a quest for inner peace; a lantern to brighten the dark path towards the temple inside and carry you home, even when completely lost.

Starflower’s Cosmic soul was released in February 2020 and is available to purchase here

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