Album review: The Peacers – Blexxed Rec

Source: album artwork

Words by Alexandra Dominica

Three years after their 2017 sophomore release, The Peacers have once again returned to us with a third album Blexxed Rec – a golden artillery of dazzlingly experimental sounds. With such an eclectic and tantalising array of influences from Glam rock, to Baroque to Garage fusion, ‘Blexxed Rec’ is a treat for those hungry for a refreshing springtime headspin. This dastardly 60s diapason of harmonies and moods is sure to cleanse your pallet. Recorded in San Francisco and New York with impressive, meticulous production, the ever-evolving saudade outfit return ‘dressed to kill’ with their long awaited contribution to the psych-pop genre in 2021. 

You can definitely hear the environmental shift when juxtaposed with the last two albums. Mike Donovan, former guitarist and singer of Sic Alps has drawn us into a maddeningly mercurial but addictive sound garden of delights. They’ve uprooted the weeds of pop and have magically sprouted a subterranean, hybrid rock and roll rosebush.    

The Beatles 66’ Revolver influences are unwavering and resolute but still, The Peacers bring new elements into play. You’ll find yourself irresistibly grooving away to the musky strumming blues and gilded garage rockery in aptly named ‘Ghost of a Motherfucker’. Their tracks almost sound like they’re coming through an invisible transistor radio, or transmitting to you sonically through an old analogue TV.

The Peacers. L-R: Mike Shoun, Mike Donovan, Bo Moore, Shayde Sartin

We’re then traversing into baroque territory with ‘Dickdog in Paris’, a wild ride of jangly guitars and wind instruments, then daydreaming to playfully aloof keys and back up again. The Stonesy psyched out ‘Colors for You’ then dances in to drag you down to the flowerbeds with its superb strings sections. Then striding down the cobblestones ‘Irish Suit’ comes San-Francisco style with its folky draw, it’s heavy, heady and flows through familiar waters.

‘Dandelion’ sounds exactly like a dandelion would. It’s a glam-tinged spectrum with an array of light petalesque chords. The lyric that stands out ‘Who will tell her now?’ appears like a bittersweet nostalgia trip into a long-forgotten buried memory. The mark of sparkling, storied 60s subculture runs through this record like no other. The rest of the LP offers us arrangements that go from strength to strength, a melting pot of delightful, psychedelic experiences to remember. Long live the Peacers, we’ve waited a while for you to throw us a bouquet, but instead you’ve delivered us an orchard!

The Peacers’ ‘Blexxed Rec’ is due for release on Drag City Records 26th March 2021

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