Album review: Hooveriii – Water For The Frogs

Source: Album artwork

Words by Lady Godiva

2021, a space odyssey:

Space travellers Hooveriii are back with their second ignition and have expanded their sonic palette since their debut record, released in 2018. The five piece from Los Angeles has crafted a powerful space rocket fuelled with a magic potion of krautrock and jazzy pop, amongst others. These sound alchemists are not afraid to walk (or rather fly) on the wild side, catching you off guard with an eclectic mix of instruments and atmospheres.

“Cindy” makes a celebratory and whimsical opener, putting you in a joyful and groovy mood to embark on the Water For The Frogs journey. This is a tune you’ll feel like dancing to and whose  quirky video will crack you up. Those visuals emphasize how reality imitates fiction (or animation) and blur the boundaries between the former and the latter, enabling the listener to step into unknown territory. 

As soon as “Control” sets in motion, one is propelled into another galaxy sound wise, a place where self-reflection and awareness rule. This tongue in cheek number hits the nail on the head with its directness and its lyrics full of common sense : “All this poison in my skull tells my body where to go.” Not all those who wander are lost…these  voyagers are wise. Their trail goes up a notch at every track, dissolving the limits between music genres with a wide array of mind expanding artefacts. 


While Can inevitably springs to mind as in influence, Water For The Frogs is made of a kaleidoscopic carpet full of nifty and cleverly incorporated and assembled bits and pieces, miniature wonders to marvel at throughout the ride. Whilst constructing their sound, Hooveriii never state the obvious and take risks that enhance their songs. What could have seemed incongruous actually blends in, keeps your ears alert, your senses sharp and your booty shaking. 

Let’s appreciate a band that sets the bar high in its experimentation and still doesn’t take itself too seriously, a healthy reminder that music can be challenging and mentally stimulating but also pleasurable and fun to dance to. “We’re Both Lawyers” perfectly illustrates that, it would make an interesting soundtrack to a western that would be set in the cosmos. 

“Erasure” is a weapon of choice that sends you at the highest point in orbit in an uncanny and dissonant symphony that will give you goosebumps. 

Last but not least, “Gone” closes the record with the utmost flair. A sprawling and avant-garde piece of music that makes a statement in the legacy of The Velvet Underground‘s “Sister Ray”. While both tunes sound a lot different, they share the same amount of far out and uncompromising deconstruction that stops you in your tracks. An unorthodox rollercoaster of sensations to complete an inventive and eventful journey with much attention to detail. An ode to space travel.

Water For The Frogs was released April 9th 2021 and is available on limited edition ‘sea blue’ vinyl here

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