Album review: Hooveriii – A Round of Applause

Words by Lady Godiva

Carrying on their epic astral trail, Hooveriii are back in force with their third album A Round of Applause, reaching a new milestone on their sound quest. 

Their music is like a colossal spaceship that flies across the solar system and their trajectory is literally interstellar. “See” greets you into familiar territory, getting gradually ready for ignition before  “Out of Time” turns up the power and takes off. You boarded this bombastic vessel and are now a stowaway at your own risk. Enjoy the ride! 

This is an utterly eventful journey and one will come across turbulences but Bert Hoover‘s vocals and lyrics will comfort you before you come across major obstacles. “Water Lily” adds a medieval touch to the narrative, where one may picture the band slaying dragons in space. One of the pinnacles on this hell of a trip, “Water Lily” may remind one of Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band‘s Nightmare Forever, the atmospheres are similarly baroque and equally thought provoking. 

There is nonetheless a distinctly groovy ambiance underlying, though, something more fluid than on the two previous records and one is reminded with the words, “We could just stay dancing all night.”

These warriors enable you to travel in time. Moving at light speed, they incorporate elements of various decades, particularly the nineties on “Time – The Outlaw” and “My Directive”. They never state the obvious and play with the listener, leaving you on tenterhooks whilst shaking your booty. 

A tidal wave of raw energy, this rollercoaster of a record bursts with all kinds of mental pictures that keep the listener alert and propel you by leaps and bounds across time and space. They walk a path less trodden and defy the odds with a full mosaic of influences they weave a colorful canvas from, something you could peer at with a magnifying glass and find a myriad of components. Yet they manage to make their mark all the way through

“Stone Men” makes a stark transition on the darker side of the force with its tribal beat, endowing the album with a more mythological quest while Iguana leans more on the exotic side. 

With the final track “The Pearl”, our space troopers have reached their final destination after many twists and turns, it is a sunny and celebratory piece of pop that ends the odyssey. 

Hooveriii have their finger on the pulse and keep levitating us. 

A Round of Applause was released 29/7 on The Reverberation Appreciation Society.

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