Album review: The Liquorice Experiment – How Many Lies

Album artwork

Words by Lady Godiva

Have you been feeling down with the winter blues? Well look no further, your newly found serotonin comes in twelve pills loaded with swinging psychedelia. They are called The Liquorice Experiment. These five Spanish gentlemen are a saving grace with their much anticipated debut album, How Many Lies. 

Crafted in this day and age yet sounding like the holy grail of garage in London, 1966; this may be their first full-length release but these dedicated followers of sixties fashion and subculture sound as sharp as the bespoke threads of Savile Row. What are these troubadours’ special recipe? They woo you with their cheeky licks and paisley laced melodies. 

Where does this flair stem from? These Spaniards originally kicked their heels up in Albion back in 2017 to make music together and have been cutting their teeth at weekenders and underground psychedelic nights since then (including MOOF). The tracks on How Many Lies were backed by musician and producer Mole Lambert (The Embrooks, The Jack Cades, Baron Four), and recorded at the analogue North Down Studios in Folkestone.

As the record opener aptly announces, they wear their heart on their sleeves and tell tales of love, deceit and treachery. This five piece has just penned one of the most vibrant love letters to the glorious days of Carnaby Street and one can travel in time, picturing the band going out in style, and coming across all kinds of colorful or dubious characters, giving them food for thought and songwriting material. 

An intoxicatingly delightful harmonica adorns the album and gets under your skin in the best of ways all the way through. One could groove to this endlessly. “Pretty Baby” captures their seize the day charm . “Pretty baby, I call your name when it’s cold outside… Pretty baby, I don’t need to make your mind…My love, easy come and easy go…”

Indulge and overindulge in these dopamine encapsulated tunes, they are a technicolor ear candy. The Liquorice Experiment are snake charmers whose tunes both crystallize nostalgia and ooze truly uplifting vibrations. 

How Many Lies was released earlier this month via Snap Records


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