An interview with Kvasar

MOOF Magazine chat to Swedish jazz/prog/psych five-piece Kvasar, ahead of their London gig at Helgi's bar (Hackney) this Thursday. MOOF: Are you excited to play London?  Kvasar: Yes! Many of our biggest inspirations are from England, and started their career in London. So in a sense it’s like coming home, walking our own path but … Continue reading An interview with Kvasar

An interview with Captain Süün

Clare Thornton chats to Nathan McLaren-Stewart and Luciano  from Captain Suun, the garage-psych Bristolians played Astral Fest earlier this month, have been touring with L.A.'s Levitation Room, and recently released their brand new single 'Sound Of The Sky'. Interview by Clare Thornton MOOF: Firstly, if you could all give yourselves a little introduction that would be great. Nathan: … Continue reading An interview with Captain Süün

From Avándaro to Autodestrucción, an interview with Victor Moreno of Medusa

Interview and words by Angie Moon Everybody knows Woodstock, that one festival in upstate New York that took place from 15-17 August 1969. It's arguably the most famous and legendary music festival ever. Songs like "Woodstock" and "For Yasgur's Farm" were written about that incredible, one-of-a-kind weekend. A Woodstock film was released in 1970. Pretty much any classic rock … Continue reading From Avándaro to Autodestrucción, an interview with Victor Moreno of Medusa

An interview with Fogbound

Words by Kristin Thomas Rare is it, when I’m driving I hear a song that forces me to pull my car over in order to give it my full attention. “Could it be?”  Is a question I ask myself when a current band is gracing my ears with a psychedelic sound, with anticipation that each … Continue reading An interview with Fogbound