EP Premiere: Flare Voyant – Seeds Of The Flamboyant

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MOOF are delighted to premiere the latest release from London based but ‘borderless’ band, Flare Voyant – a group fast approaching the forefront of London’s burgeoning neo-psych scene.

The tracks on this EP were recorded long before their previous release, and have now finally come to the surface. In fact, these songs are what turned legendary producer, Chris Kimsey, onto Flare Voyant in the first place, leading them to record their self-titled debut EP.

‘Seeds Of The Flamboyant’ makes for a magical journey inside the minds of Flare Voyant, this is an EP overflowing with introspective thought and reflection, one that is lyrically sophisticated and without a doubt musically sagacious, making Flare Voyant one of the most exciting bands on the scene. We’re positive this remarkable EP will be just as well received as their previous, and we look forward to seeing what the future brings for Flare Voyant.

Flare Voyant by @prettmalina
Flare Voyant’s Rod Bourganos on the making of the EP:

“Illustrating through the Hegelian Dialectic, “Seeds of the Flamboyant” was originally planned to be the antithesis of our debut EP even though being conceived years before the ”thesis”. Those songs were not meant to be released on their own – they were built to pave the way for this band, which ended up happening as they caught the attention of Chris Kimsey and inspired him to record our official debut EP.

The 4 tracks of “Seeds” are a journey inside our creative process, while we were developing a concept in the shade of a Flamboyant tree. “Light And Shade” is the opener and emerged from the oneness of the duality, the dialectic of the existence! This overture comprehends that one has to contemplate the existence itself before understanding the dawn of inspiration, which is systematically approached on “Daydream” by unpretentiously discussing the building of a song (also discussed in Thomas’s  book, “Un Pas Vers l’âme”, with focus on poems). “Midnight Lady” gives the lunar balance to “Daydream” while revering the female figure. The “muse” entity is a substantial element of music and that is why both words even share the same Greek etymology.

Finally, “I Lost My Poetry” is a ballad that approaches a different spectrum of inspiration and the very tricky task of the quest for originality. There are many cheeky lyrical references in there that I would invite you to explore. We are very grateful for the great contributions of all the musicians and friends involved in the building of this work and now we are excited to reveal the brand new “synthesis” on the next few months.”

– Rod Bourganos

Listen to ‘Seeds of the Flamboyant’ here

Flare Voyant will be celebrating the release of ‘Seeds of the Flamboyant’ later on today at Handel & Hendrix (SOLD OUT)

Connect with Flare Voyant here:

Website // Instagram // Facebook

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