An interview with Constantine

Lady Godiva chats with Chicago-based psych folk maestro Constantine Hastalis... How old were you when you started playing music and do you remember the first record you bought? I was but a wee lad but I didn’t become obsessed with it until my mid-late teens. Your music is very evocative of nature and folklore. Were … Continue reading An interview with Constantine

Album review: The Citradels – God Bless

As we now have our musical minds firmly adjusted into 2018, it is time for our brains to accumulate all of the magically astonishing vibes that 'God Bless' contains. The sounds found on this album are a breath of fresh air, from a world where the oceans rise up and transform into trees, and the moon … Continue reading Album review: The Citradels – God Bless

EP Review: Flare Voyant – ‘Flare Voyant’

Words by Ava Pearl If you were to ask me what EP of 2017 I believed had the most firepower, I would have to say, without a doubt, Flare Voyant's self-titled release. This EP has everything a groovy rock n’ roller could ask for, from politics to love, and most importantly, major sex appeal! Even … Continue reading EP Review: Flare Voyant – ‘Flare Voyant’


A very big thank you to the wonderful people of Magic Bus for coming on the MOOF radio show and playing an absolutely magical set! If you missed it live you can listen to the show on our Mixcloud here TRACKLISTING; Peak Impressions and Thoughts - The Freeborne  Tinkerbell's Mind - The Glitterhouse I'm Not Like Everybody … Continue reading MAGIC BUS ON THE MOOF RADIO SHOW

An interview with Fogbound

Words by Kristin Thomas Rare is it, when I’m driving I hear a song that forces me to pull my car over in order to give it my full attention. “Could it be?”  Is a question I ask myself when a current band is gracing my ears with a psychedelic sound, with anticipation that each … Continue reading An interview with Fogbound

Album review: Lost Harbours – Towers of Silence

I'm always particularly impressed by albums that seem to exist in a vacuum, that create their own unique and inimitable atmosphere. Even more impressive is when this is achieved with minimal studio trickery but rather through the instrumental talent of it's creators. This is the case with the new Lost Harbours album, 'Towers of Silence', … Continue reading Album review: Lost Harbours – Towers of Silence