Album review: Girl Skin – Shade is on the Other Side

Album artwork Words by Lady Godiva Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Sid Simons drew attention to his promising songwriting abilities in his other band Beechwood whilst subsequently releasing his first EP Lovemore in 2018. Fronting the six piece- evocatively named Girl Skin- 2020 marks the year of his first full length release Shade Is On … Continue reading Album review: Girl Skin – Shade is on the Other Side

Album review: Automatic – Signal

Words by Lady Godiva Automatic hail from the scorching sun of Los Angeles but have no problem portraying the coldness of 1980s Britain. Stepping on this avant-garde three-piece's territory brings instant shivers to the listener from the razor sharp, brooding yet suave atmosphere they create, brimming with sexual tension and cabin fever. Not surprising for … Continue reading Album review: Automatic – Signal

Album review: Modern Nature – How To Live

Words by Lady Godiva Pursuing his musical ventures with familiar companion Will Young (Beak>), Jack Cooper from the former indie rock supergroup Ultimate Painting is back with a more introspective outfit, expanding his canvas with a collection of beguiling sonic tapestries, wrapped in bottomless melancholy. A very fitting autumnal record which insinuates itself into your … Continue reading Album review: Modern Nature – How To Live

Album review: Lake Ruth – Birds of America

Words by Gareth Thompson Lake Ruth aren’t the first band to evoke those neon nights when our need for affection, or connection, grips deepest. But this New York act, formed in 2015 by Hewson Chen, lends its own twist to rock’s long and heartsore history. Key to their sound is vocalist Allison Brice, whose giddy … Continue reading Album review: Lake Ruth – Birds of America

Album review: The Citradels – God Bless

As we now have our musical minds firmly adjusted into 2018, it is time for our brains to accumulate all of the magically astonishing vibes that 'God Bless' contains. The sounds found on this album are a breath of fresh air, from a world where the oceans rise up and transform into trees, and the moon … Continue reading Album review: The Citradels – God Bless

EP Review: Flare Voyant – ‘Flare Voyant’

Words by Ava Pearl If you were to ask me what EP of 2017 I believed had the most firepower, I would have to say, without a doubt, Flare Voyant's self-titled release. This EP has everything a groovy rock n’ roller could ask for, from politics to love, and most importantly, major sex appeal! Even … Continue reading EP Review: Flare Voyant – ‘Flare Voyant’

Music Video Premiere: “Sea Green”-Cricketbows

MOOF are over the moon to premiere the music video for “Sea Green”, a track from US indie psych-rockers, Cricketbows', most recent EP, 'Communion', which was released on September 8th via Mosquito Hawk Records. Here's what the band had to say about the making of the music video; "Making the music video on a downtown … Continue reading Music Video Premiere: “Sea Green”-Cricketbows