Live review: Mark Fry & Friends at the Betsey Trotwood

Mark Fry and Friends, Sir Plastic Crimewave & Sara Gossett, Alisha Sufit (Magic Carpet), Dan Davies (Wolf People) September 27th 2017 The Betsey Trotwood, London A sign by the door immediately grabs my attention, it reads “Astral folk this way --> Comedy that way<--" A tough choice, but tonight I'm here for the astral folk. [...]

Upcoming MOOF Radio Show

Exciting news folks! MOOF will have a fortnightly radio show starting Monday the 11th of September from 1pm-3pm (BST) on Soundart Radio - 102.5FM, people in the Totnes area should be able to tune in live, otherwise you will be able to listen to it live on the Soundart website or later at any time, as [...]